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WELCOME to Amalia Marie Lee

My hope is that you find more health and happiness through the practices here. I believe exercise and meditation can and should be a conversation you have with your body and source. You speak through movement and breath. Body and source speak back through sensation and intuition. This is how we truly heal, become more powerful and connected to intuition

With love and gratitude,


Awaken your intuition

 Donate what you can here. So that I am able to keep the site up and videos hosted, so that I am to dedicate more time to create new content. So that others, who can not afford to contribute, may benefit through your generosity. 

With love and gratitude,



Sweat at White Sands I

This is a med-high intensity workout that utilizes 100% body weight movements to strengthen and elevate your heart rate. In 3 parts, you will slowly increase heat, mobility and pulse, culminating in a 5 min AMRAP (as many reps as possible) that promises to get you sweaty! 

Sweat at White Sands II


This workout is designed to be an addition to the first “Sweat” at White Sands video or as a quick lil work on its own.  It will offer the opportunity to get your heart rate as high as you are comfortable and easily scaleable for any fitness level. The movements are simple and target core, arms, legs and butt!


Foundations - Plank


One of the most foundational positions in exercise and it’s SO important that you feel powerful and supported in it!  Understand the use of your legs, tush and deep abdominals in this position!  Feel your shoulder to core connection! Know where you want your body in space and what you want the sensations to be.

Foundations - Posture

How you stand, sit and walk impact more than you form working out!  Start here to make little changes that will have big pay offs!


Basic Gamma Breath

This Gamma Breath Work session utilizes just the most simple Gamma Breath Work pattern. It creates an accessible and incredibly effective approach to meditation and upgrading ones state of mind rapidly. It’s wonderful for a morning meditation practice, to set positive intentions and a productive, receptive and clam state of awareness for each day.  Also a fantastic rescue remedy for stressful moments.  Helps you to regain balance through mindset but also BRAIN CHEMISTRY.

Sleep Meditation

This meditation is guided for the first 8 minutes, then drifts off into relaxing music only. It is designed for those who have trouble transitioning to a quiet mind before sleep. It will gently aid in putting problem solving to bed, relaxing the physical body and creating a peaceful and positive energetic state. This results in much more restorative rest and happy, productive mornings!


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