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Sacred Core


Tuesday and Wednesday

April 16 & 17, 1-3pm EDT


Sacred Core guides women in reorienting awareness around deep core and pelvic floor health. We journey into the lower energy centers for the divine wisdom contained there; acknowledging that a symptom, disconnection or perceived weakness is the body's invitation to heal not just the body, but the ROOT energy beneath.


This course is for women who are:

-preparing for or healing after birth.

-experiencing a communication from this region of their body and understand that pelvic floor/core exercises and stretches are not enough to heal what is being revealed.

-hungry for a deeper connection to their womb space, sexuality and womanhood.

-healing birth trauma, sexual trauma, and the various psychic wounds associated with being in a female body

-desire a feeling of rooted, reflexive, supple, visceral  physical and energetic strength. 

*We explore how thoughts and beliefs become breath and movement patterns and how they directly effect the nervous system and therefore the function of our core.

*Utilising various forms of breath, meditation, and movement, we will somatically integrate:

    .  *various optimal pelvic floor and deep core activations.

        *intelligent design of the resting breath 

        *core and breath synergies to support

                  -loading the body

                  -opening the body

                  -connection to The Feminine 

Multiple Dates
Apr 16, 2024, 1:00 PM EDT
Virtual Event
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