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Maiden to Mother

Maiden to Mother is a one on one coaching container specifically designed to help prepare women for empowered birth and motherhood.

We utilize various forms of breath work and meditation, journaling and journeying, to identify thoughts and beliefs that have been imprinted upon us vs our own deeply held values, in order to release fear and gain access to one’s own crystalline confidence and clarity. 

This course is for women who are:

-preparing for an empowered birth 
-are overwhelmed the the immense amount of fear and obligation messaging around birth and motherhood and desire to cut through it.
-crave a conscious and intentional rite of passage as they transition from the archetype of Maiden to Mother
-desire an orientation towards their body as a power source in womanhood and motherhood rather than something to fear, disassociate from or devalue as they move through birth, motherhood and maturing as a woman in this world.
-notice a stretching of themselves as they move into the mature feminine (within or outside of physical motherhood) and want an intentional process of initiation in order to birth their desires, transcend pain and limiting beliefs, and step into greater purpose and power. 

This program is customised for each woman but includes practices and processes that:
-aid in dissolving a sense of fear and obligation rooted in external programs and expectations.
-attune to inner voice and wisdom. 
-empower you to ground into and act from inner authority. 
-become comfortable with choosing differently and setting. boundaries while creating interconnected and nurturing community. 
-orient towards your partner in a way that is optimal in supporting the importance and polarity of each role. 


Maiden to Mother includes Sacred Core as a module

within the container. 

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