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Sweat at White Sands I

This is a med-high intensity workout that utilizes 100% body weight movements to strengthen and elevate your heart rate. In 3 parts, you will slowly increase heat, mobility and pulse, culminating in a 5 min AMRAP (as many reps as possible) that promises to get you sweaty! 

Sweat at White Sands II


This workout is designed to be an addition to the first “Sweat” at White Sands video or as a quick lil work on its own.  It will offer the opportunity to get your heart rate as high as you are comfortable and easily scaleable for any fitness level. The movements are simple and target core, arms, legs and butt!

Complete Core Fire

A full body session, complete with active warm up, a core and body weight work out that will raise the heart rate, and corresponding cool down. Always with the utmost attention paid to good form and FEELING. You will know what your looking to FEEL in each movement.

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