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Blog Post #1: Lasting WHOLEistic Weight Loss Part 1

Hello dear friends!

The subject I'm starting with hits a sore spot for many people. Weight loss! Over half of Americans are currently trying to loose weight. I WHOLEheartedly believe I can help alleviate this pain in people's lives. However, I am going to go ahead and bust myself out in advance...A truly WHOLEistic approach to any problem never directly attacks symptoms. Being at an unhealthy weight is a SYMPTOM of other elements being out of balance and therefore, treating it directly is akin to treating abnormal blood pressure and blood sugar levels with pills and insulin, without first addressing root causes. That is NOT my jam. It's a recipe for disaster in fact. Instead, we can improve our weight AND our overall quality of life in one focused effort...and never look back.

Although genetics can play a role in all of the above, there are other important factors in our health that are passed along in families. Among these are habits (eating habits, sleeping habits, tv habits, etc), paradigms (the way you see yourself and the world), and culture (including diet, emotional food associations, attitudes about gender, work ethic, spirituality, concepts around medicine etc.). All these factors can have huge effects on our health and of course, our body weight.

This is not a revolutionary concept to most of us- yet we often fall into a mindset that there is a supplement, fitness or diet plan that can help us reclaim our health and get our sexy back. We are not stupid or lazy, but due to the fact that those kinds of “solutions” can be packaged and sold to us, they are in our sphere of awareness aaaaaalllll the time! It is so easy to become hypnotized by that way of thinking even if we truly know better. It is a profit (not health) driven model, insidiously implanted in us, and designed to fail in many ways. In short, it doesn't work.

I have been just as much a sucker of this system as anyone (which I will go into in my next blog). However, after A LOT of research, some wicked personal health issues and working with hundreds of clients over the years, I WHOLEheartedly feel I have found the answer. I am incredibly passionate about this feel I MUST share it with you. The rollercoaster of fad diets, mis-information, illness and low self-esteem is completely unnecessary and steals our health, energy and joy. It is 100% within our power to change... without counting calories, cutting carbs or a 10 hour a week work out routine.

To get started, there are two questions I want you to ask yourself:

#1- Do you need to lose weight for your health? Or do you just want to? If you just want to- do you know why? If you simply want to feel like a goddess in pictures or a bikini, you want to cut weight to be a lighter athlete, or even to feel lighter in meditation… I respect all of that- no judgement. No matter what your answer to this question is, if you can come from a place of love, it makes all the difference. Hating your body never produces long lasting results. This is not just hippie crap friends. It’s about real metrics. You are much more likely to stick with decisions you make long term if they are rooted in self love.

Ask yourself. "Is this this a want or a need?" " Where does my desire to loose weight come from?"

#2- Are you ready to lose weight in a way that won’t feel like an exercise in self-hatred? Sure to snap back if it ever works at all? Are you willing to acknowledge that excess weight is merely a symptom of other elements, and when those foundational components are addressed, the weight issue resolves itself?

Are you ready to approach this WHOLEistically?

Because of the deep, deeeeep rooted obsession with weight, weight loss and body image today, I decided to embark upon a series of blogs regarding WHOLEistic weight loss. I’m so emphatic about being WHOLE minded in the process because I know what it feels like to be in this chase and obsession. I know how time consuming and frustrating it can be to be "symptom" oriented. I know how much space it can take up in the brain. I know how insecure it can make you feel. I know, no matter what pill, surgery, exercise or diet plan you follow, it never seems to get you where you want to be. I know first hand. Being WHOLEistic means taking into account all the true elements of health; like rest and sleep, stress relief practices, joy and fulfillment and re-defining understanding and relationships with food and movement.

Don’t need or want to lose weight? CONGRATU-FREAKIN-LATIONS!! Haha! That’s amazing. But please stay tuned! This series is truly an attack on all things crappy in life; a laser beam on what doesn’t serve you. The blocks, habits and illusions that are keeping you from realizing your potential. For you, those things may manifest in a different way than issues around weight. Feeling anxious, overwhelmed, lonely, ill or any number of other obstacles to well-being can be addressed by acknowledging the basics of health in the mind, body and spirit. The inter-connectedness of our being means that if we are addressing ourselves wholeistically, than many upgrades happen at once. Sounds good, right? And it's not difficult, I promise! It merely requires an open mind and heart.

In the coming weeks we will address these basics of wellness together. I will provide specific, actionable tools for creating those promised upgrades along the way. Small investments- BIG results. I will also answer any questions you may have. Just put them in the comments, or direct message me if you have private concerns. If you are wiling to do this, I guarantee that you can achieve a healthy weight and be happier with your body.

Thank you friends, for reading, for caring what I have to say, and for caring enough about yourself to join me on the journey.

With love and infinite gratitude,

Amalia xo


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