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Blog Post #8: Five Steps to Loving Your Workouts

Let’s dig into some “body in movement” stuff today. My commitment to developing intuition (bordering on obsession) is incredibly relevant when it comes to exercise. Movement heals… period. No matter where you are in your journey, there is a place for some kind of movement. But many people struggle with how to make the best choice for their specific needs. How to transform into a person who CAN’T WAIT to WORKOUT?! How to go from often getting injured, becoming bored or discouraged, to truly experiencing the body and soul healing magic that exercise is? This is how:

#1-Check in with your body. How does it FEEL at this moment? How did you feel after your last work-out (AMAZING?!! Or depleted/in pain?). Consider this the most important factor in choosing your movement/exercise for the day.

#2-Remember that every day is different. During your work out, if the lift or pose isn’t there, move on. Movement is its own reward. Don’t be too attached to the performance of it. In the long run, this will lead to far greater progress (and less injury) than wasting time with frustration and forcing your body. It’s important to associate positive physical and emotional feelings with your movement of choice. Challenging yourself should feel like a high, not a punishment.

#3-Don’t get stuck in the past. Capabilities ebb and flow in life. Don’t get nostalgic for the body you had 10 years ago. Only the present is real. Today is where you can affect change so that’s what deserves your energy.

#4-Don’t force it. Exercise should not be a stressful task to check off your to do list. If time is pressing you, stretch while playing on the floor with your kids. Squat and lunge while on a work call. Tomorrow is a new day- don’t stress! Guilt does not burn calories and being busy is no reason to give up on movement completely.

#5- HAVE FUN! Do not hold your nose and take your movement medicine. Smile! Laugh! Play! That’s what exercise is (or should be). Playing!! Choose exercise that brings joy and freedom of movement (meaning it makes it easier for you to move over time, not harder). “No pain, no gain” is old news. When you are able to create some TRUE YOU time, use it wisely. Look forward to your workout! Whether it’s Pilates, yoga, Crossfit, dance, triathlon, mommy boot-camp, or mountain biking- choose it because you love how it makes you feel. If you go to Orange Theory because you think you need to burn calories, but you don’t like running on a treadmill and it makes your hips hurt- you won’t burn many calories. Because you’ll stop going and lose momentum.

Once you begin to make choices with this mindset, exercise becomes like food and water. You will crave it! Amazing things happen in all areas of your life when you listen to your body on this level. Movement of all kinds can become a tool for joy, stress relief, connection to source energy (God, earth, universe) and INTUITION! It always comes full circle doesn’t it 😉.

Next week, a deeper dive into how intuition integrates with movement and how it can completely revolutionize your level of fitness, even if you are already an athlete. Until then- sweat, restore, nourish and breathe, goddesses.


Amalia xo


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