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Blog Post #4: Your Intuition Journal - Lasting WHOLEistic Weight Loss Part 4

Hello beauties!

Last week we discussed how to begin tapping in to our intuition more consciously. Weather you just started checking in more with your energy and physical sensations or you really took action and started your Intuition Journal, my hope is that you are starting to give this concept more consideration.

If you look at your journal or reflect on the moments of “checking in” with yourself during the week, are there some patterns that you notice? Is there a person you interact with that always makes your stomach or jaw tight? Is the late dinner time making you feel uncomfortable at bedtime? What stands out as the biggest source of struggle for you? Relationships? Work/finding your passion? Your physical health?

The key is not go in to this process thinking “my weight/appearance is my biggest struggle.” Rather, with an open mind, just notice where you feel the most discomfort in daily life. If your spending your day navigating tired old patterns with a parent or friend, feeling frustrated at work, unappreciated at home… or all of the above?!! THAT’S the meat, THOSE are the answers your looking for. Your health will effortlessly follow healing these things.

Wait, did I just lose some of you? I’m not saying your life has to be flawless to have physical vitality. And YES, taking care of your physical health can greatly impact the health of your relationships and level of inspiration. It’s AAALLLL connected, hence the WHOLEistic approach we are taking. But when breaking down dreams into goals, and goals into steps, it is best to use your intuition to guide your priorities. It can help create that personalized road map we are all craving!

So let’s do a simple, concrete exercise that will translate feelings in to action!

Identify a feeling you experienced recently that want more of. The feeling of connection to your love or family that you felt on a recent, “device free” outing for instance. The feeling of melting through the floor, pain free, worry free, pile of divinely vibrating flesh... the last minutes of your yoga or pilates class. Or perhaps how pumped you were after an inspiring work meeting… seeing your goals and dreams coming to fruition.

Whatever is directly connected to the best feelings you experience throughout the day and week…I want you to VALUE them more. Good feelings are not just “treats” … they are communications from your body that you are in flow. That your activity is aligned with your potential and the Universe will support and conspire WITH you in these goals.

Next, reflect on the worst feelings you are experiencing. When does pain, anxiety, lethargy, sadness increase for you? Can you relate certain behavior or interactions to those feelings intensifying at times? For now, focus on whatever connections are very clear to you. Let’s identify your most obvious trigger and deal with it proactively.



(No… not sit on your bum and wish for it… manifesting is work… of the most fulfilling kind)

Imagine what your job, relationships, body etc. look like and feel like in your highest potential. DETAILS. Your intuition comes in very strongly when guiding this imagination process. Sit with eyes closed for a moment and picture how this WHOLE scenario FEELS. What you look like, where you live. How “he” makes you feel, how the clothes feel on your skin, what the air smells like, what the freedom feels like, the sense of purpose coursing though you veins...Project using sensory cues and detailed images as much as possible. This will help keep the goals out of total intellect and instead more in faith, intuition and imagination. Rather than putting the exact amount of money you want to make, or number you want to see on the scale… Just think of how empowered it will make you feel and what your life looks like in that scenario. Paint a vivid picture in you mind... Now WRITE IT DOWN in your Intuition Journal! Write in the present tense because you already have all of it- it's right in front of you. This is such a FUN and POWERFUL exercise…. I swear to you… this is going to put an instant smile on your face and in your heart.

Now, pick ONE thing you promise to do to increase good sensations/positive feedback from your body and ONE action you will take towards decreasing stress, negativity, bad vibes. These being the first two steps you are taking towards the MANIFEST you created.

“I promise myself to go to yoga 3x a week instead of 1-2x because it makes me feel physically and mentally recharged and centered.”

“I promise to acknowledge my partner for the ways he/she supports me. The cycle of gratitude it creates helps me to feel appreciated and loved too.”

"I promise to breath/meditate for 10 minutes each morning because it has a lasting impact on my outlook and mood."

“I promise to say yes to dates even if I think they surly are not “the one.” Because you never know!?!… and vulnerability is the only path to connection.

“I promise to reduce my screen time by 1 hour a day because I feel it lowers my energy and at times, I use it as a hiding place or crutch.”

“I promise to take a break from dates because I need more ME time.”

“I promise to update my resume and start opening myself up for new possibilities.”

“I promise to get off the phone with mom when she triggers me, rather than argue. There is no need to indulge or upset either of us.”

Create 2 sentences, 2 promises to yourself, write them down. Really commit to them. Be gentle though, it’s not perfection we are after. If you missed your yoga class quota or had an argument with a loved one, all is not lost! So don't you dare quit on your promises! Just set an intention each day to honor the commitments you made to yourself as best you can. Keep paying attention to the signs your body is sending. Keep writing them down when you can. If you go day without, it’s ok! Start again. A few words. Prove to yourself that you’re paying attention, that you’re listening, that you care.

I care too. I care very deeply about you and your potential for true, vibrant, WHOLEistic health and happiness.

Let’s join forces, shift the perspective and install the upgrades that will help you THRIVE!

Love you to the moon,



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