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Blog Post #3: "How Are You Feeling?" - Lasting WHOLEistic Weight Loss Part 3

Seriously! How are you feeling?

Have we lost sight of this question or more importantly, the honest answer? We’re usually asked, “how are you doing, and I think there is some subconscious meat in that distinction. “Doing” feels more surface to me, less vulnerable. It’s so easy to answer, “fine” or “good!” when you just want to move along. But I’m asking you right now, as your friend,

“How Are You FEELING?”




Please, take a second. Stop reading ,if you haven’t already, so you can check in with yourself.




Ok, so how you FEEL is THE BEST tool you have. It is your intuition. It is the answer to your question. I don’t mean, “I feel like having a beer and a pizza” lol. That’s most likely stress talking.

I mean are you happy? Overwhelmed? In pain or physical discomfort? Are there things you’re doing each day that bring you peace, joy, fulfillment? Are there things you do every day that you dread?

Do you consciously include and create more space for the stuff that makes you truly feel good?

Do you accept the pain in your body, anxiety or drudgery in your life as just life? Do you feel as though you don’t have the right or the ability to change it because you figure everyone’s life has a certain measure of that?

I would like you to do me a HUGE favor if you could…

Take any little voice in your head that says that and throw it out the window. Pleeeeease!

Let me make a distinction here:

You drive your kids to and from school each day. You do not love the time in the car, but you love being able to spend the time with them and you feel it’s a blessing that you can afford to do it.

OOOrrr… the traffic is a bear every time. The drive sucks your energy and steals momentum from your work or personal development. You feel guilty putting them on a bus or asking another parent for help. YOU are the mom that picks the kids up every day and helps out the other moms/kids.

Or this…

You love your work but it’s a lot of hours and can throw life out of balance at times. Your striving towards a position that will afford you more financial and personal freedom and you’re making real progress.

OOOrrr… you dread going in each day because you are not passionate about what you do, you’re not appreciated, co-workers/boss feel low vibe and negative.

I could go on with the examples but my point being, I’m realistic. I’m not saying life is all bunnies and rainbows. I’m saying, if there are clear signs that you need to make a change ,are you aware of them? Taking action? Or do you feel powerless over it?

Would you like a completely personalized plan to create more joy, less stress and cortisol running through your system? Do you want to figure out why you feel tired or blue? What the heck you should eat? What your passion and purpose are? Most of us would pay a lot of money for those kind of answers! But truly, your INTUITION already has them waiting for you. Getting more in touch with that is simply an exercise in paying more attention to how you feel and doing things to mindfully upgrade your ability to tune in (like breathing and journaling). The more you do this, the more fully formed your intuition becomes and it is the BEST decision making tool you have.

Our minds are full of other people’s ideas, values and expectations that can drown out our own. Your inner wisdom should be the boss… your intellect more like an employee, one that does great work, but needs direction.

I know it’s a lot to ask but you won’t be sorry…Try an Intuition Journal for a week. Take just a couple minutes each morning, afternoon and evening to write down how you feel. Keep it quick and simple unless you’re inspired otherwise.

When you get up in the morning… Looking forward to anything in particular? Tired and can’t shake it? Body hurts? Craving movement? Overwhelmed as soon as you’re conscious? On auto pilot? Excited? Write it down, no judgment .

How about the afternoon? Sluggish? Can’t wait to leave work? Looking forward to getting the kiddos home from school? How does your body feel? Jot it down.

At night. All of a sudden awake now? Or maybe you can’t wait to hit the sheets? Looking forward to alone time with your love, or some self-care? Is this when anxiety sets in? What do your nights FEEL like?

I don’t want you to write what you did or what you want. For this specific purpose, I would love if you could write a few words or sentences about how you feel energetically and physically. After a week, it will begin to paint a picture.

Next week, I want to talk about what to do with that information and how to begin making the upgrades, big or small, that you are craving. You have no idea how excited this makes me! Feel free to DM me on Insta @amaliamarialee if you want more clarity on this process or you want to share an experience privately. Or comment here for people to benefit from your experience.

All the love and hugs,



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