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Blog Post #10: You Already Know How to Breathe

Hello beauties! How have you been breathing lately?

There are countless studies about how deliberate breathing can affect the body, brain wave patterns, stress levels and numerous other health and happiness factors. Although I have included some links to interesting articles delving into the subject, I feel this is a perfect example of “knowing” being so inferior to “experiencing.”

Breathing mindfully takes no money, no expertise, no preparation. It can be done anywhere, anytime. Breathing is one of the few involuntary functions of the body that we may choose to control in order to regulate and affect numerous, otherwise involuntary, mechanisms such as the heart, the brain, even the gut. It can be used like a steering wheel, connected to the rest of the engine, chaise and wheels that is our mind-body-soul complex.

I deeply respect the power of knowledge and it’s potentially positive affect of intuition and self-guidance. However, because we live in such an “information over intuition” world, my challenge to you is this:

Suspend your need for any external proof at the moment. For now- require no other proof than how you FEEL in that moment. At this moment- sit comfortably, close your eyes and breathe in slowly. When you reach a comfortable fullness of breath, pause, then exhale slowly. Repeat this for another 3-4 breaths.






Now notice… how you feel.






The shift is universal. Although it may be difficult to articulate (or accept/allow) for some at first, physical and emotional well-being pivots in a positive direction with just a few, slow, breaths.

We live in a world where the mainstream teaches us to believe something as natural and in your control as breathing, cannot have a powerful enough effect to alter what really concerns us in life. We want to overcome major health issues, difficult relationships, stress over money, issues of worthiness and self-love. We are taught that these issues require hard work, therapy, medications and surgeries, expert physicians and/or shaman. While I am not here to belittle any of those options, what I mean to suggest is that YOUR OWN power to affect change is at least as great, if not more. Our reverence for external expertise is out of balance with connection and respect for our innate ability to know and heal ourselves.

There are many ways to breathe. Each way can have specific and amazing outcomes. Learning about this is empowering and has the potential to free us from many of the “big” things that concern us in life. But before you “learn” anything. I invite you to experience the wisdom you already possess. Take just a few minutes a day to breathe in any way that intuitively feels good to you. Take those few min to experiment, count the seconds of your in and exhales. Hold your breath for a time, imagine it traveling different places in your body as you breathe… literally whatever you come up with in the moment- just do it and trust yourself!

Invest in these few minutes a day and see what develops. See what ideas and clarity come. Watch your stress levels come down, notice if you feel more in-tune with your body in other ways. Notice what those few min of deliberate breathing and trusting your own expertise brings into your life- even just in a day or two. Write some of your experiences and sensations down, if you really want to magnify the benefits!

Words don’t teach, experience does. Try to drop the assumption that you need to know more to affect change in your life or body. Release the belief that the pill or the person can do better than you at creating what you want in life. Instead, have faith in yourself and your body. Just breathe- a few min a day- and watch the magic happen. Expect that it will, with each deliberate inhale and exhale.

Love you and all of your infinite wisdom,


After practicing with your intuitive knowledge… if you care to dive deeper…

I offer simple and powerful breath work resources at:

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