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Introduction to Gamma Breath

This video serves as an introduction to Gamma Breath and offers short session to expose your body and mind to its simplistic beauty.

Basic Gamma Breath

This Gamma Breath Work session utilizes just the most simple Gamma Breath Work pattern. It creates an accessible and incredibly effective approach to meditation and upgrading ones state of mind rapidly. It’s wonderful for a morning meditation practice, to set positive intentions and a productive, receptive and clam state of awareness for each day.  Also a fantastic rescue remedy for stressful moments.  Helps you to regain balance through mindset but also BRAIN CHEMISTRY.

Sleep Meditation

This meditation is guided for the first 8 minutes, then drifts off into relaxing music only. It is designed for those who have trouble transitioning to a quiet mind before sleep. It will gently aid in putting problem solving to bed, relaxing the physical body and creating a peaceful and positive energetic state. This results in much more restorative rest and happy, productive mornings!

Foundations - Breathing

So many different kinds of breath. Who’s right?  People always tell me they get the “breathing wrong.”  Consider this: as long as your breathing, your doing it right!  There are many different kinds of breathing and all should be appreciated for their value. Day to day... what is the “best” way to breath?

Yin 1-A: Energy Activation

This introduction to the Yin Yoga practice will shake the stress from your body quickly. It is an active meditation, perfect for people who crave the benefits of meditation but struggle with quieting the mind or body discomfort in traditional meditation. The physical benefits will be to lubricate joints, improve mobility, pain relief and improve sleep.

Yin 1-B: Back & Legs Love

This is a gentle physical yoga practice, but advanced/active in its attention paid to breathing and meditative state while opening the body. It is accessible for every body, even beginners. This section focuses on spinal and leg length and mobility.

Yin 1-C: Open Heart & Hips

This continuation of the Yin series focuses on hip and chest/shoulder openers. It maintains the emphasis on breath, supporting a meditative state.

Yin 1-D: Cosmic Meditation

The conclusion of the first Yin series is a still meditation. Designed to build upon the energy flow and tension release gained through the active portions of Yin Yoga. It also can stand alone as a guided meditation. Utilizing simple breath work, mindfully connecting to the earth and energetic sources around us to recharge and unwind tension from the body and mental awareness.

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