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I am Amalia.

I  WHOLEheartedly love people. 

I am fiercely protective of my tribe. 

I am devoted to sisterhood and caring for one another. 

I feel a powerful connection to mother earth.


I ALWAYS want to know WHY.


I’ve grown to deeply appreciate that spirit can answer when logic cannot.  I love cooking for my family and friends and helping people to feel connected to their intuition.  I’m always planning 3 years ahead when it comes to travel and 3 minutes ahead when it comes to what I’m going to wear.  I am a dreamer.  Most days feel filled with infinite possibility… and some days I never change out of my pajamas.  I love babies of every species and hope to have a puppy farm one day. I am a nomad that craves stability.  I’m solar powered. In my mind, I am an acrobat that just hasn’t come into her own yet. I know that food, thoughts, words and breath are the REAL medicine. I know in my bones that I’ve always been a healer. 

🙏🏼It’s so nice to meet you.



A “gut” feeling. 

An inspired thought. 

A communication from source. 

A knowing. 




Intuition is our birthright. It’s our natural state of being. But, in many ways, we’ve been separated from it. Modern society values thinking over feeling- production over introspection. We are taught that the doctor knows our body better, the psychologist knows our mind better, the guru or church is our path to God, a psychic for insight into our lives and future. But these entities are meant to be partners- our INTUITION our primary guiding source. Not to be confused with opinion, conditioning or thought, intuition is our unique connection to source. 

The body is our conduit for source. Mindful movement can create higher FEELING awareness. Focused breathing and intention can UNLOCK meditation. This kind of movement and meditation balances the unnatural emphasis on the mind we suffer from and clears a path to intuition. Connecting with your body and intuition in this way EMPOWERS us. WE truly know our own path to health, happiness and spirit. 

My intention in creating this platform is to create a place for people to connect with themselves and one another. An inspiration for self study and discovery. A place where “fitness” and meditation are rooted in fun and freedom. Where the body is treated as the intelligent intermediary between source and your experience on earth.    This is where your intuition lies. 

“...the art of sensing and feeling is the primary form of cognition, taking precedence over all other forms of knowledge. Our minds direct and guide our energy but if we cannot feel and sense our body, the mind cannot give direction and guidance.”

-Mantak Chia, Dao Master

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